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List of files available on in PDF format


  • Advanced Placement Courses: Enrichment For Your High School Child
    PDF version (18KB)


  • Delegation to the Trustees of the Peel District School Board on the Proposal to Close Five Enhanced Learning Classes for 2006/07 and The Gifted Review Process May 2006
    PDF version (87KB)



  • Enhanced Programs At Secondary Schools Of The Peel Public Board And The Dufferin Peel Separate Board Rev2006-08
    PDF version (27KB)   |   Word version (31KB)


  • Getting To Know Special Education Programs And Services
    PDF version (48KB)


  • Making the Most of School - Sources of Help for You and Your Child Rev2007-12
    PDF version (63KB)   |   Word version (43KB)


  • Ontario Psychological Association - Practice Guidelines regarding Psychological Assessments and Reports Written for Clients referred for Gifted Identification APA-OPA Guideline, Revised: February 22, 1999
    PDF version (18KB)   |   Word version (27KB)


  • A Parent's Guide To Identification, Placement And Review Committees
    PDF version 84KB)


  • The Peel Board Is Interested In Your Opinion - Delegating The Board May 2006
    PDF version (26KB)




  • Recommended Reading List For Parents
    PDF version (24KB)




  •  ABC Peel Newsletter, September 2006 Edition PDF   (393 KB)

  •  ABC Peel Newsletter, October 2006 Edition PDF  (64 KB)

  •  ABC Peel Newsletter, November 2006 Edition PDF  (94 KB)

  •  ABC Peel Newsletter, January 2007 Edition PDF (117 KB)

  •  ABC Peel Newsletter, February 2007 Edition PDF (80 KB)


  • Peel District School Board Contained Gifted Classes click here