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Bellingham Public Schools

What is a biography? and How to write a biography



typing program – very good


HyperStudio software

HyperStudio 4 Student Edition

HyperStudio 4 Student Edition enables kids to create projects that incorporate sound, clip art, animation, video photos and art. The software is used in more than 5,000 school districts nationwide to create projects like book reports, science projects, multimedia presentations and more. (quoted from web site)


These are games and simulations based on Nobel Prize
winning achievements that teach and provide fun also.

This is a link to the Stephen Leacock Humorous Short
Story Competition 2007. It is open to all secondary students
in Ontario. The deadline is March 15, 2007.

This is a Spelling/Vocabulary website for grades 1 to 8
with games and many other activities.

This site has an online library of many classics in literature
sorted by author. The entire text of the books is
available chapter by chapter.

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