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Fun Links

20 Questions

Players think of an animal, vegetable, mineral, or other item and the computer guesses what the player is thinking in twenty questions. And the more people play, the more the game “learns.” ( gets 50,000,000 impressions a month and played its 10,000,000th game in February 2005!). 20Q is now played around the world. (Description from web site)


Sudoko puzzle

The puzzle grid has numbers, but nothing has to add up to anything else.  You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.  It's fun. It's challenging. It's addictive! (Description from web site)


CBC 4 Kids

Canadian Kids can comment on daily news stories, create science experiments, quiz themselves on Canadian sports, play one of the top ten hits on the Sound Bar Jukebox, send in their own reviews of music and movies, and take part in discussion groups at the Clubhouse.


Crayola Creativity Central

A site for those who like to be creative. Activity ideas, projects, colouring and more.



Great interactive games for children ages eight and up, involving math, spelling and reading.


PBS for Kids

Play games and have some fun with Arthur, Clifford, Barney and others.


Sesame Street Central,1292,,00.html

This site allows children to pay and learn with their favourite Sesame Street friends. Children can learn the alphabet, numbers and shapes.


University of Alberta

Go to the kid’s zone for adventures and games


Writing Den

For grade 6 to 12


Owl Kids

Chirp, Chickadee and Owl magazine


Exploratorium -The museum of science, art and human perception  

Hands on activities, on line activities, build a spectroscope …..


Sports Illustrated for Kids

Sports magazine for kids


A Lifetime of Color

Create art, study art, play art games


ABC Peel reading list for Kids and Teens (27KB PDF)

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ABC PEEL does not endorse any of the sites that are listed here.
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