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You will find a large variety of terms used by teachers, principals, board support staff, and other parents to describe the assessment tools available to evaluate gifted children. Terms can include psychological evaluation, achievement tests, benchmarks, Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.), CCAT, WISC 3, (or WISC III), WISC 4 and Weschsler Intelligence Scale for Children.

Psycho-educational testing must be done by a psychologist or under the supervision of a psychologist. Results of the testing will be in a comprehensive report that should be at least 8 to 10 pages long (though some psychologists provide far briefer, less helpful and less meaningful written reports – check what you expect to receive and have paid for). You should review the report personally with the psychologist. Results are considered to be valid for two years.

See also the information in the file [OPA recommendations re psychoed assessments (18KB PDf)], on "Practice Guidelines regarding Psychological Assessments and Reports Written for Clients referred for Gifted Identification", by the Ontario Psychological Association.

If you request an IPRC in writing to your child’s school principal, the principal must initiate the process, part of which is a psycho-educational assessment. The testing may be done by your Board professional staff through the school principal, or privately. The Peel District School Board and the Dufferin-Peel District Catholic School Board recognise outside assessments that have been conducted by reputable, registered psychologists. If done privately the report may be provided to your principal for review by a Board psychologist; it will then be part of your child's official school record. You will be asked to provide written permission for the use of the external assessment by board staff.

The results of a psycho-educational assessment are one factor considered by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) when identifying a student as exceptional and gifted, and placing that student in an appropriate program. The student's academic and other needs must also be considered by the IPRC.

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  • PRIVATE PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL TESTING and ASSESSMENT - This list is for information purposes only. ABC Peel does not promote private testing nor does it endorse any of the services that are listed here: List of Psychologists (PDF)

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