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Not all bright and gifted children will exhibit all of these characteristics but the following are some of the most common traits they display:

  • have an unusually advanced vocabulary and level of reading comprehension
  • intense concentration, but also become easily bored with routine tasks
  • often begin reading early
  • may "blossom" when presented with mentally demanding activities
  • great interest in and knowledge about a variety of topics or of one specific area
  • prefers older playmates and/or the company of adults
  • excellent memory
  • readily see relationships, make generalisations, transfer knowledge from one area to another
  • highly self-critical, perfectionist tendencies
  • may downplay abilities and actually underachieve in order to maintain a place in their peer group
  • creativity, curiosity, initiative, imagination and problem-solving abilities
  • high energy level (which may be mistaken for hyperactivity, especially among younger children)
  • enjoys a challenge, great debater
  • can be intolerant of slow thinkers
  • leadership abilities and self-confidence which they may express by being creative leaders or by trying to dominate groups (i.e. be "bossy")
  • intense need to know more and to ask questions
  • preference for individual work or for minimal supervision
  • absorb information more quickly than chronological peers
  • appear to be inattentive and to daydream