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The Association for Bright Children works to increase the understanding and acceptance of bright and gifted children/youth at home, at school and in the community; and encourages parents, educators and the community to nurture these children/youth to grow and reach their full potential, that they may become responsible, contributing members of society.

Taken from Association of Bright Children
Parents as Partners: An Investment in Tomorrow
Policy Document, 1991


All children, including the bright and gifted, deserve to be recognised for who they are and to have the opportunity to realize their potential as fully as possible.

Parents should work within the school system in cooperation with teachers, administrators, Boards and the Ministry of Education and Training to establish programs that will meet the particular needs of bright and gifted children.

Teachers are the key for success in any program. Teachers must have opportunities for professional development for teaching bright and gifted students.

A full range of placement and program options in elementary and secondary schools is essential for exceptional students. This full range includes: congregated classes, part-time classes, withdrawal programs and regular classroom placement with the support of special education personnel and resources.

Early and on-going assessments of pupil development and competencies by formal and informal means are essential. Appropriate placements and programs must be available for exceptional students at any age and in any grade.

Programs for bright and gifted children should not be considered rewards for high achievement.

Bright and gifted children are not better children. Their educational needs are different. Education programs must address their cognitive and affective differences.

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